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  • 1. Can I purchase the tea of life tea in a convenience store or supermarket?
  • 2. Can I purchase the Tea of life products for private use (at home)?
  • 3. Can I pickup the Tea of life products?
  • 4. Do I need to create an account in the webshop?
  • 5. I miss a certain flavour or the pyramid shaped tea bags
  • 6. Are the Tea of lfie products Gluten free?
  • 7. What material is used for the wrapper (heatseal) of the tea bags?
  • 8. What about the compostability of the products?
  • 9. Are the tea or life products allergens free?
  • 10. What else do you do about saving the environment?
  • 11. Are there added sugars in the Tea of life products?
  • 12. Are there pesticides in the tea?
  • 13. Is there potassium in the Tea of Life products?
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